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.ART Website —

The perfect gift for the artist in your life!

Looking for a thoughtful gift that lasts?

Give the gift of a website with .ART! 

Offer a personal website on a .ART domain where your loved ones can showcase their creative works online, build a portfolio and grow their digital presence alongside their projects. This isn't just a one-time present; it's the beginning of a journey.

Who would love a .ART website gift?

Emerging Creatives

Great for up-and-coming creatives, a .ART website lets them show off their portfolio and provides a spot for potential clients or collaborators to easily get in touch.

Established Independent Artists

Perfect for artists with existing online presence, looking to enhance their personal brand. A .ART domain offers a unique space for them to stand out and fully express their artistic identity in the digital realm.

Students & Job Seekers

A sleek, professional space for building academic or career-oriented portfolios. A .ART domain helps showcase their skills and achievements in a polished manner, ideal for school applications or job hunting.

Personal or Charity Project Leaders

Suitable for leading personal projects or charity causes. A .ART website offers a central hub for sharing information and updates, and engaging the community, with the added option to include a 'Donate' button to support their cause.

Community Project Organizers

An invaluable tool for uniting and inspiring community-based projects. From local art initiatives to cultural events, a .ART domain facilitates organization, information sharing, and community involvement.

Young Visionaries

An inspiring gift for the young and creatively inclined. A safe and personal space for children and teenagers to store and showcase their artistic creations, supporting their growth and exploration in the arts.


What will my website look like?

With our ready-made simple template, your website will be concise and to the point. Explore our blog to see how others have used our builder to craft a compelling digital presence.

How much does it cost?

The website builder is totally free, you will need to pay for domain registration only! Hosting costs are covered by .ART Domains.

What if I have a .ART domain purchased through another registrar? 

As for now, we’re only able to provide free website builder access to customers. Please get in touch with if you’d like your domain transferred to our flagship store from your registrar. 

How It Works

1. Choose a .ART Domain

Select a meaningful domain name for your artist friend or family member.

2. Personalize

Easily add photos, videos, and social media links using our website builder. Quickly upload content to create a personal .ART website.

3. Gift the Domain

Surprise them with their own live .ART website – a space to express and showcase their creativity.

Should you have any queries, our team is ready to assist you throughout the process! Reach out to us at for support and guidance.

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